Thursday, November 6, 2008

November in Michigan?

Most days I explore Grand Rapids from behind the wind shield of my car as I head down the express way to work. My favorite view is of the fisherman in their waders during the wee hours of the morning. Taking advantage of a few days off and this freak weather, I found the the spot where the action is.. Some day I hope to know the feeling of standing in the frigged forceful current while protected by rubber pants. Maybe I will even try fishing but supervision and a life jacket will be a must. A bonus to the day was the dancing blue barrel held in place by gravity and mysterious forces. At first I was concerned by the close proximity to a few of the fisherman. What if some rogue current releases its hold and the barrel were to fly into the air becoming a deadly projectile. Yes I do worry to much because after my 2 hour stroll the barrel was still being harassed by the waterfall.
City bookstores are the best. Housed in buildings of architectural significance while people walk by the windows with clear destinations in mind that require dress clothes. Sophistication and scholarly intellect fill the air. Even the soup sold at the small cafe is mature, with names like curry lentil and Tuscan tomato. I've had both which made me wonder at what point had I grown up enough to eat soup with vegetables in it I couldn't identify. All the while pondering how healthy it must be and wishing I knew the fiber content... Wow I feel dorky and boring...Oh well.

What 14 year olds dress up as.

Monday, November 3, 2008